Monday Musings

These are my musings from the past week. They aren’t really coherent, but here they are anyway.

Yesterday I became a Buddhist by choice. It was a strangely gratifying and uplifting experience, and I’m still trying to fully understand it. I have such a strong bond with my religion, but I never thought I’d actually participate in a confirmation. I received a framed certificate afterward, and I am actually quite fond of it.

Here’s an awkward family photo with our cheerful monk:

I’ve always said that the moment you stop wanting something is the moment it falls into your lap. I wish more than ever that this wasn’t true. The moment I stopped wanting New York was the moment it decided to want me back. Today another national magazine contacted me with a chance at interviewing for a 6-month paid internship. A few weeks ago I would’ve packed my bags and never looked back. Now… Now I’m stuck wondering if I made the right decision.

Moving on… Literally. I found myself a proper “apartment” in Jupiter today, and I’ll be moving in on Sunday. I’m excited to work and save up for a real jazzed up apartment in a year or so, but for now I have to make a few sacrifices to get where I want to be. It’s so surreal to think that in a few weeks I’ll be living on my own and paying  bills… with a hand-painted panda wine glass in my hand.

I am actually really excited to begin working. Having all this time on my hands is making me over analyze things. I also really need to do something other than obsess over food and Mad Men.

My last musing has to do with this blog. Ever since the end of my internship I have been wondering what to do with it. I definitely want to keep blogging, but in what format? I truly enjoy putting down my thoughts, and it’s become so therapeutic for me. However, I don’t want to bore people to death with my writing.

Thoughts? Comments? Advice? Holla at yo fave fashionista.

Peachy Beachy. I guess I’ll always be a Florida girl.

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